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Frequently Asked Questions

Who may participate in the TN Surgical Quality Collaborative

Tennessee hospitals that participate in the ACS NSQIP database may join the Tennessee Surgical Quality Collaborative (TSQC).  Currently 22 Tennessee hospitals participate in the TSQC.  Members of the TSQC submit data to the ACS NSQIP database and also sign data use agreements with the TSQC.

How does a hospital enroll in the ACS NSQIP?

The ACS NSQIP has a well defined process and staff that will help you get started in the program.  This includes:

What are my obligations to TSQC?

As members of the TSQC, hospitals agree to collect comprehensive data, to demonstrate that reports generated from the ACS NSQIP data are used in QI efforts and to require that physicians and hospital staff actively participate in those activities.  TSQC participants are required to participate in quarterly meetings and quality improvement activities of the collaborative.

My site has completed all of the necessary agreements, we are fully enrolled in the ACS NSQIP and submitting data – How does TSQC fit in?

Using the ACS NSQIP data from the TSQC sites, the TSQC will study the “best practices” within the Tennessee hospitals for shared learning.  The TSQC quarterly meetings will focus on sharing of best practices among participants and discussion on challenging issues.

ACS NSQIP is a proven system for the reliable capture and reporting of surgical data nationally and for individual sites.

TSQC is the “connector” of the Tennessee hospitals wishing to collaborate in an effort to improve surgical care for the residents of our state.

Will other hospitals or funders be able to see our data?

Each hospital knows its own risk-adjusted results and has access to their own raw data.  Although your hospital will see how your outcomes compare to other Tennessee hospitals, only your hospital will be identified on your reports.  You will not know the identity of the other hospitals.  Likewise, the reports that the other hospitals receive will only identify their own data.  No one will know which hospital is which on the comparative reports.  This is also true for the ACS NSQIP.

De-identified aggregate data for Tennessee may be used in the evaluation of the project.  The data agreement with the TSQC authorizes members of the TSQC administrative staff to access your data for the purpose of the TSQC quality improvement initiatives and data analysis.

What other services does TSQC provide to my site?

In addition to bringing sites together for meetings and to collaborate, the TSQC staff is responsible for data analysis and the creation of the TSQC specific reports.

Whom should I call if I have additional questions?

Chris Clarke, RN, BSN
Senior Vice President, Tennessee Center for Patient Safety
Tennessee Hospital Association

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